Questions We Answer.

We believe everyone should be able to live the retirement they’ve always wanted. We can help you create an individualized wealth management plan, using a variety of investment strategies and services, to help you address your financial needs and concerns.


  • Can I retire?
    • Do I have enough money saved to generate the income I want to live an enjoyable retirement?
  • Will my money last? People who ask this question often want to know things like:
    • How much can I spend each year?
    • How do I best handle Social Security decisions?
    • How do I deal with inflation?


  • What do I do with my 401(k) / 403(b) / lump-sum pension?
    • Should I leave it there?
    • Should I transfer it to an IRA?
    • Do I have to pay taxes if I move it?
  • Is my money structured properly for retirement?
    • Am I taking on too much risk? Could I lose a lot of money if markets crash?
    • Am I not taking enough risk? Are my returns sufficient to make my money last?


  • How do I deal with the tax on my retirement accounts (IRA / 401(k) / etc.)?
    • How much tax will I really need to pay?
    • Do Roth conversions make sense for me?
  • How do I plan for the tax impact on my surviving spouse?
    • Many people do not realize a surviving spouse becomes a single taxpayer, and thus pays significantly more tax on the same income.
    • Can I save taxes now?


  • What will health care cost in future? How do I plan for that?
    • How does Medicare work? Do I need a supplement?
  • How do I protect my money for my spouse / children from potential health care expenses?
    • How do I best address potential future long-term care expenses?


  • Will my surviving spouse be OK?
  • How can I best plan for my children’s / grandchildren’s inheritance?
    • Many families wonder about questions like the following:
    • How do I avoid leaving my children’s inheritance to their potential future ex-spouse?
    • How can I spread out my children’s inheritance vs. leaving it all to them at once?
    • How do I handle inheritance for special needs children?
      What about inheritance taxes?
  • Do I need a trust?
    • Do I need my wills / trusts updated?
    • What about powers of attorney and living wills?