Our society has a massive debt problem and future tax problem and here is why…

  • Americans now have more mortgage debt than ever before (Marketwatch)
  • The U.S. student loan system us broken.  Today borrowers currently owe more than $1.5 trillion (WSJ)
  • Consumer Debt hits $4 trillion of debt on credit cards (CNBC)
  • The debt crisis is coming soon, to avoid economic distress, the government has to reduce future entitlement spending (WSJ)
  • And make no mistake about it, it’s the national debt (now over $23.2 trillion) thats creating the tax problem.


We  will help you understand tax diversification, and what tax awareness may contribute to your retirement. Different retirement accounts receive different tax treatment.  Also, the impact of taxation on your retirement and the income you can safely withdraw from your retirement accounts.



Calculator below currently DOES NOT work on an Apple Iphone with their new update.


We will now help you understand how to calculate the interest you’re actually paying on your debts. You’ll likely be interested in knowing the actual interest rate you pay not the stated interest rate on your outstanding loans.

The video below will explain how to properly calculate your actual interest expense on your current debts.  Are you aware that a 4% fixed rate mortgage can initially cost you over 69% interest?  Or how your current bills may be costing you over 30% interest cost on next month’s payments?  You will learn how a “snowball” approach to eliminating debts, done in a unique way, can help you become debt free 4 life!



Calculator below currently DOES NOT work on an Apple Iphone with their new update.

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