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Forrest Gump Financial Plan

I am about to dismantle almost everything you’ve been taught about investing. People need to realize that they dont know what they dont know. Let me give you an example by asking two simple questions:

What 2 colors make up the STOP sign?
What 2 colors make up the YIELD sign?

Did you get red and white and yellow and black? Simple right? Would you be surprised to know yield signs haven’t been yellow and black since the 80’s? The world has changed around you, but your still operating in the old “normal.” Using Einstein’s definition of insanity, on could conclude that it’s totally insane to invest the same way you always have and expect different results.

Traditional financial planning and traditional investing have failed millions of Americans especially in 2008. I believe you need a traditional broker as much as you need a pediatrician. You need a specialist.

Most people are taking income the wrong way. Are you planning for the stock market and mutual fund portfolio to give you the income in retirement you need? Dr. David Babbel of the Wharton school warns “If you have a stock portfolio and you withdraw 4% per year + inflation…you have a 90% chance of running out of money in retirement [over 30 years]”

What about taxes? Most people have the majority of their money in 401k’s and IRA’s. With the way our government is spending money what will happen to tax rates thus causing more of your hard earned money to go to Uncle Sam.

For years, I’m sure you been told to invest in the same approach of a hodepodge mix of stocks, bonds and mutual funds expecting that this recipe would provide ultimate retirement security. This old, antiquated, and unsophisticated approach provides only a limited degree of benefit and certainty lacks an element to create and preserve wealth in both good and bad times, not to mention the assurance that you wont outlive your savings.

Have you at times, questioned whether you’ve made the right choices or decisions with your money?

Are you investing the same old way and expecting different results?
Have you had doubts about the direction of your investments?

You may have the Forrest Gump Financial Plan. What do I mean? Remember what Forrest’s mama said about a box of chocolates? “Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Forrest’s mama seems pretty wise. She’s right about life. Life is pretty unpredictable, but do you want your retirement to be? Are you prepared to Declare Your Independence from the failed advice of Wall Street, the destructive effects of inflation and the fear of outliving your money?

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